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Celebration is in
every mouthful!

Eat Dessert First by Laura is your go-to online bakery, offering a delicious selection of homemade American pastries and desserts.

Laura's specialities include Carrot Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Red Velvet, New York Cheesecake and much more...

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Flower Cake

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Birthday Cake

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Unicorn Cake

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Your pastry chef

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From a young age, alongside my mother in our kitchen in California, I learned to mix, whip, glaze, bake and of course taste cakes.


Thanks to my mother, I learned to distinguish good desserts from excellent ones. Priority number one: start with the best possible ingredients.


It was magical for me to see her cakes devoured by those who appreciated them. Baking was clearly a way for my mother to touch the lives of others.


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I continue this family tradition. Pastry allows me to reconnect with my Californian roots. It also allows me to create new sweet bonds between my childhood in California and my own family in Brussels. I hope my desserts will inspire you...sweetly!​

Sweetly yours,


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Thank you for arranging the cake at such short notice. Despite our request being last minute, you answered it positively. The cake was perfect and delicious. My daughter loved it and I heard her say that it was the best cake ever. I highly recommend.

Catherine S.

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Thank you so much, Laura!! My son turned to 5 years old yesterday and we LOVED the rainbow cake sooooo much! All of our friends at the party were amazed by this exciting rainbow cake 🌈


His 5th birthday succeeded with this amazing cake ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  recommend 100%%%%

Yoko C.

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Everybody enjoyed the cakes. They were DE-LI-CIOUS, as usual! The chocolate chip cookies were gone in one second! I should have ordered more! They are a real treat!

Ariane D.

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Eat Dessert First,
your bakery online!

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