Eat Dessert First by Laura

Laura, la pâtissière

American desserts made & shared with love

Dear Customers/Friends,


I believe wholeheartedly that we ALL play an important part in doing the right thing, doing good things, & doing them with ❤️!

Please join me in giving some sweetness to the team at Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels during these challenging times of COVID-19! 


I get to continue to share my American desserts made with ❤️! 

You get to share right along with me! 

And....together, we give a moment of sweetness to those who need and deserve it!

It’s a win-win-win! 

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I specialize in American desserts from special family recipes

All taste, no shi-shi using high quality Belgian ingredients (yes, that means CHOCOLATE...)


Discover my offerings... 

Born to foodie parents in a foodie place, the San Francisco Bay Area, California, I grew up enjoying the art of baking. Now in Brussels, a match is made and a dream formed: Laura, la pâtissière américaine !

The Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie, Carrot Cake, New York Cheesecake, Birthday cakes, you name it.... 

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