Order by simply emailing, messaging me on Facebook Messenger, Instagram (#eatdessertfirstbylaura), Facebook, or Whatsapp, or by calling +32 (0)478-540-393 with your request and/or questions.


My desserts are made with quality ingredients. Wherever possible, I use organic ingredients (carrots, lemons, milk...). I use Callebaut, some of the finest chocolate in the world, and it happens to be Belgian !


Want a cake for an event -- a birthday, holiday celebration, communion, or other party?! I can personalize!



Layer Cakes

• Carrot Cake *

• Vanilla Layer Cake with Buttercream Frosting *

• Mom's Dark Chocolate Layer Cake *

• Lemon Layer Cake *

52 € (14-16 portions)

36 € (8-10 portions) 


New York Cheesecake *


52€  (14-16 portions)

36 € (8-10 portions) 

5 supplement for chocolate, blueberry, strawberry... 


Chocolate Chip Cookies

2.20 € (per cookie with a minimum of 10)



36 € (24-25 portions)


The REAL American Cupcake

chocolate/vanilla cake with chocolate/vanilla frosting (if vanilla frosting, you can choose your color...)

3.70€ each * (minimum order 5)


Mini-Cupcakes * (minimum order 10)



Lemon Bars

If you like tarte au citron meringue, lemon bars are absolutely your thing!!

36€  (15-20 portions) 


Pound Cakes

• Banana Bread (Banana Bread is actually more like a cake than bread. It is filled with ripe bananas. Tasty treat...)

• Lemon

• Chocolate

• Apple-Cinnamon

• Blueberry (seasonal)

• Pumpkin (seasonal)


23 € (10 portions)

* These are great desserts for birthday and other celebrations.
 Specify if you want a personalized cake - 15 character maximum. 9€ extra for name on the cake and extra personalization