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Please order by Thursday, December 19 for a December 23 pickup before 12:00.

Please order by Friday, December 20 for a December 24 pickup before 12:00.

My ovens are turned off on December 25.

December 2019 Holiday Offerings! Order now!

Get this decoration on a Classic Carrot Cake, a Mom's Chocolate Cake, or a Red Velvet Cake for the holidays this year! 


The ribbon is home-made marzipan!

Trio of holiday cupcakes
The Classics

* Mom’s Chocolate, Classic Carrot, & Red Velvet in 8-10 portions with Xmas decoration: 48€
* Mom’s Chocolate, Classic Carrot, & Red Velvet in 14-16 portions with Xmas decoration: 64€

Smaller Treats

* Trio of Xmas cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting: 12€
* Sachet of 3 decorated Xmas cookies: 7€ (Great for hanging on the tree, giving to the kids and adults alike, decorating your table AND eating!)

For before, during and after celebrations when you have a house full of people!

* Lemon Bars (homemade shortbread biscuit covered in homemade lemon curd and powdered with sugar): 37€ (15 large portions or 20-24 standard sized portions)
* Selection of 12 holiday cookies: 25€
Decorated Sugar Cookies
Decorated Sugar Cookies
Lemon Bars
Lemon Bars